Where's The Love?
Too many of our foster kids drop out of school, become homeless, or end up in jail.
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Most foster children are placed with loving families. These foster parents step up to provide the love and support that all children need.

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When foster kids don't get safe, loving homes to grow up in, their life after foster care is very difficult. Without a family to depend on, they often become homeless and have to find a way to survive on the streets.


With the help of new state policies, more foster kids are now finishing high school and going to college. Foster kids who make it to a university are likely to do very well and end up with great careers.

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Older foster children sometimes have to live in group homes. Some do well in these environments, but others suffer because they lack the love and attention that only families can provide.


Foster kids need the same type of activities that help all children socialize and thrive. After school programs keep kids active and out of trouble. Unfortunately, foster kids often don't get to take full advantage of these activities.

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Too many of our foster kids end up in jail. Being young and in prison without any support from the outside makes life pretty hard. When they get released they usually don't have anywhere to go, which means they go back to the streets.

  Foster parents

Foster care agencies are key to the success of foster children. They find and train amazing foster parents, provide ongoing support to foster parents and the kids, advocate for better policies and adequate funding, and often provide mentors and other supportive services.

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There are many ways you can help.
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